Students have the opportunity to meet with our Student Wellness and Support Coordinator to talk about personal wellness and reflect on potential areas for growth.

Students can assess areas of personal strength and potential growth by meeting with the Student Wellness and Support Coordinator, Alissa Vreeland. Alissa is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with a graduate degree in Counseling. She is passionate about holistic health and has explored the eight dimensions of wellness personally and professionally for the past two years, writing about the topic for sites such as the Huffington Post and Thought Catalog. Alissa is excited to support students on their wellness journeys and hopes to create a campus culture at Lafayette where students are mindful of their total health, proactive about seeking out resources to grow and flourish, and invested in their happiness.

Wellness Coaching options:

  • Appointments can be made on an individual basis by calling 610-330-3201 or emailing
  • Students can sign up each semester to participate in a 5-week self-care accountability series, exploring the eight dimensions of wellness. This series will utilize the two resources provided below while encouraging students to think about and share how they can practice self-care in each dimension.
    • 3 series options running in Spring 2018, email Alissa Vreeland to reserve  a spot!

LiveWell Lafayette Self-Inventory

This LiveWell Self Inventory (adapted and used with permission from Princeton University, 2017) allows students to assess their own personal wellness. The inventory is not designed to be diagnostic, but is instead an opportunity to reflect on personal wellness and to identify how students can be consistently mindful of all eight dimensions in an effort to enhance their overall well-being.

LiveWell Lafayette Wellness Daily Planner

After taking the self- inventory, students can create a personalized action plan with the Wellness Daily Planner to:

  1. Document their long-term goals based on the areas within each dimension where they would like to devote more attention.
  2. Utilize these long-term goals to create specific and targeted daily actions that support their overall journey to well-being.