Interested in inviting the Student Wellness and Support Coordinator or the LiveWell Advisers into your classroom, residence hall, club meeting or organization training?

LiveWell Lafayette offers a variety of workshops and presentations focusing on the eight dimensions of wellness. Contact Alissa Vreeland (, Student Wellness and Support Coordinator, to schedule a presentation on any of the following topics (or one you would like to suggest):

General Wellness

  • Overview of the LiveWell Lafayette campus initiative and the 8 dimensions of wellness
  • Group self-reflection: leading a discussion as students take the LiveWell Lafayette Self-Inventory
  • How to ‘Live Well’ at Lafayette: sharing tips and challenging students to experiment with self-care practices across the 8 dimensions of wellness

Specific Topics

  • Mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques
  • Yoga workshops
  • AOD program: Choose living well and making memories over hangovers
  • The importance of authenticity, vulnerability and self-awareness in friendships and other relationships
  • Understanding personal values and life purpose and the role they play in decision-making and personal fulfillment
  • Why gratitude increases happiness and how to practice it

Livewell Testimonial


“I learned to allow myself to feel whatever emotions I had. I allowed myself to be transparent with others. This exercise taught me that expressing emotions is good for one’s emotional and mental health. No one can help you if they do not know what is going on inside of your head.” -Anonymous Lafayette student